What is an astro-tarot reading?

It is a mixture of two techniques. One is the reading of the cosmos & a deep understanding of the energetic implication of the Universe. It allows me to have a wide angle vision of what is happening around you.

 In astrology, there are 12 houses associated, each one is associated with a part of your self/life. Based on your ascendant, I know how your houses are placed & the sign of the zodiac that rules them. It gives me a broader perception of what is happening inside you & your life.

By adding the tarot cards to the reading, it allows me to have a detailed vision of the process of integration of what is happening.

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It's a phase who promotes new beginning & new commitments whether it is to yourself, a situation or relationships. It is the perfect moment to implement changes, look at things from a new perspective & plant the seeds that will be harvested later.



It's one of the most powerful phase. This is a moment of celebration and fulfillment. An instant to reflect on your growth, your accomplishments and what could have be done differently. It's an opportunity to get your act together before engaging in something new.



In traditional astrology, we use the profection years. This method is based on the theory that not all houses (areas of our lives) & natal placements (birth power & challenges) are active at the same time. On each anniversary, a specific one is highlighted. This new year offers us the opportunity to improve or at least focus on one aspect of our lives.